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LOW 14 Years @ Opium

Poster for LOW Anniversary Party at Opium Vilnius

Frædag x Ukraine DJ marathon

Poster for party with Ukrainian DJ’s at Jaeger Oslo

Ukraïnska Epika
Music compilation cover

Artwork for Pavel Plastikk's music compilation
consisted of Ukrainian music.

Listen and support here.

typical russian tourists   

HeForShe Arts Week   
Identity, visual concept

HeForShe Arts Week is a regular event dedicated to women in the arts. The event is held both around the world and in Ukraine. My task, together with the Havas PR team, was to create an identity for the event.

The concept of the event in 2021 – "Inner Fire To Inspire" (Палаю Надихаю). A star was chosen as a symbol.

On the one hand, it is one of the symbols of femininity and life in Ukrainian traditional culture. On the other hand, it is a symbol of light, energy and pulsation. Therefore, a set of different stars was created, which became the basis of the corporate identity.

Art Director / Graphic Designer: Paul Romaniuk
Agency: Havas PR

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